Parenting, though rewarding, may still be one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of a person’s life. Parents can easily become overwhelmed and may find the support of a therapist to be helpful, particularly when faced with a difficult situation or behavioral concern.


You may have one child who responds well to most of your techniques and readily accepts love and limitations while another child rebels against everything you say and do. Even good parents may still struggle to connect with their child and/or manage their behaviors.


A traumatic event may also impact a child’s development or behavior, and peer pressure can lead a child to develop problematic behavior in spite of a parent’s efforts to keep the child safe.


Parents who are struggling with sever behavioral concerns with their child may feel isolated, helpless, and hopeless. They may be afraid to seek help out of shame, embarrassment, or worry that other people will judge them.


When parenting issues lead to stress, this stress may manifest itself through worry, depression, irritability, or anger. Therapy can help address and treat these issues.


I offer different levels of support based on the unique needs you are experiencing. Some of these supports include:

  • 50 - 60 minute weekly sessions with you and/or your child
  • Weekly parenting support groups
  • Weekly e-mail support
  • Texting support
  • Check-ins with school staff

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